that inner self who loves messing my mind up says

Before I paste this moody Instagram caption here, i gotta say i'm sorry for only posting questions which don't help anyone even myself, maybe, someday, i'll write more about solutions, life tips and all ( RIGHT )

-- Instagram Post Number 899.

Just realised that its been a routine for me to spend around 6 months in a year working in a profession and get busy as hell around it, being so into it i thought i’d marry it till infinity..and the other half of the year is spent to.. let my inner-self strike. Honestly this inner Kim never stops striking. I thought she has moved on 😂

I’d rather think of it that way than being clingy on the word “passion”. Like, oh i change for the passion, or like, life is short let me follow my dream. Honestly i used to overrate this damn word, people also do that too, i feel youuu, passion is something you gotta take care of, i’m so loud on that topic tooo, but you know, sometimes it gives people the pressure of “having a passion” loool, or the pressure of making it something wow... The word “passionate” was always written on my resume since year 2 of A levels you know.. now that i think about it, i’m just lost 😂 erhm maybe passionate with loving people i love, honestly, rather than that idk... probably just uncertain statements

this caption is going nowhere eh? let’s just live maaaaan, talk is overrated let’s just vibe yh? #jeremyzucker

Do you have a passion tho? I do think i have a passion most of the time actually but every now and then things get so confusing and i’m like.. what if i dont have a passion for one thing? What if my strength is a mix of different things? I mean is that even a strength? Orrrr what if im best at messing your mind up? Or messing my own mind up? Well that talent clearly doesn’t make me good money i know, but like, what if, innit?

Ugh this is why i stayed single for most of my life, i gotta learn about me first bros 😂

Well, hi, hello, good luck & you’re welcome! —

The inner stuff.

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