I'm so clumsy

I'm so clumsy

Can't blame no one but me

I'm so clumsy

I'm so clumsy

It was disappointing as you see .

My mistakes are what makes me

But the things I just did scared me.

Too clumsy, I'm sorry.

Baby next time if they try to hurt you

With the cruelest words that they could use

Just blame it all on me, because I knew

It was me and there's nothing to do with you.

Life is funny how you do millions of good things

Yet nobody sees it, nobody praises ..

People are waiting for your mistakes so they can attack

you & your loved ones, analyzing every little detail..

Yes life is funny but we gotta keep our heads up

Like hello haters i know i was wrong but u aint in my world for me to prove you wrong

Imma living my life, making mistakes in my own ways &

I hope you spend time & your energy where they should stay

Just ranting as you know we dont like each other ey?

But gotta agree that this time i was wrong & cheers mate

for pointing it out & good luck with your mistake-police career.


©2019 by Kim Chi Sun & JMG Melancholy