have you ever counted the number of dates you went on? that'd be insane to know the number right..

hmmm what is a date anyway hmmm have you ever wondered?

by the way i'm listening to this tune by Trashpaul/Phaolobeats.. i got to know the guy through the Internet and we stay AWESOME facebook friends since then haha.. i met him, of course, but still, i'd call us ‘music friends’ or ‘facebook friends'..

not that we ever dated lool i'm just trying to write all the random stuff and put them together ..

talking about the Internet tho, these days people just go on dates thanks to the Internet right.. admit it!

i used to get excited seeing cool guys adding me/following me haha, come on i'm just an ordinary girl, i like attention!

damn it that ‘do you ever' song is too damn short i just had to replayed it..

hmm.. ok let's come back to the dating topic..

man i used to go on soooo many dates, they got me stressed hâhhahaha, too many guys too many ‘signs' too many potentials too many time imagining the possibilities of me and other individuals being together..

let me write all my thoughts on dates here..

dates are fake sometimes, you know? haha.. i mean when both know that it's a date, it seems fun, cuz the both make efforts to be something that they think the other will be impressed.. well, unless you just want to have food, drink or a night, then you might just dont put efforts haha..

I like cheap dates, i love low budget stuff.. buy me some juice and let me hear what's been going on your life lately, let me jam on ur playlist haha, OMG please don't try to play the sort of music you think i'd like =) i want to hear yours... nahhhhh we don't have to smoke weed and vibe like how the lyrics always go, no movies yet cuz i might start feeling the tensions.. my heart is weak =)

my point is, ‘dates' seem fun at first.. but reality is what's pretty, i dont mind you driving me around getting nervous as fuck cuz you dont know where to stop =)) that's how it's supposed to be.. I mean, yes, once in a while, a planned dinner is a bomb innit, girls? but yeah, how beautiful it is seeing a guy trying to drive you from topics to topics while driving just so he has more time to think of where to go =)) I'm sorry I'm the sort of girls who usually say: ‘anywhere, up to you'..again, i'm an ordinary one..

hmmm ok let me stop, i love this space so much, like i can let my fingers run through my keyboard the way they want, and stop.. like now? LOL, nite nite baes <3

Stay loved. Yeah, going on more dates wouldn't kill anyone, you go!!

OMG Soundcloud just jumped to this, I'm at peace!


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