There are mornings like this, when i allow myself to accept the fact that i am clingy to the past. I am clingy ok, to almost every little thing i once liked.

In such moments, i gotta ask myself: would you rather?

Then I'm like nah, the boundaries are blurry you know.

What is the past anyway?

My old hair? My uni? My old apartment? The shopping mall? The platform shoes i always wore? The old fav coffee shops? The concerts ive been? The parties we killed? Friends who i cant meet here but still know my recent drama episode? Ex lovers? Almost lovers? Do I miss the actual place or the people or the feelings or do I miss the old me? Right..

Ugh nice monologue Kim, nice..

Missing all my stupid moves, i love the innocence.

--- Don't let Thinking 'Bout You by Frank randomly pop up on my playlist, i'd be like this again. Such a nostalgic tune.


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