y o u t h

It seems like everyone loves their birthday. Oh yeah maybe I’m the same. I’m obsessed with March, and Pisces. Sometimes I’m soooooooo Pisces, but yeah most of the time people think I’m Sagittarius.. Sorry to be off the topic.. ( Man, no topic was even raised ).

Okay let’s start again. It seems like everyone loves their birthday, but I’m not that excited about that day, it’s just another day to me, the everyday is more important. However, everytime March starts tho, I think about my youth, half of me thinks “ Girls, you’ve been through a lot and learned yourself good lessons, good job, you’re getting more matture, definitely a 25-year-old soul you’ve got “.. and yeah the other half of me thinks: “What’s all of this, where am I leading to and why am I doing all these shits, I am 19”. LOL. Maaaaan, do you feel the same?

I kinda want new months & years to come so I can set new goals haha, and can do new stuff to come closer to my goals. And i’ve acknowledge my own’s tryings. Like, I wanted a lot of things that I’m having right now, and I’ve made tons of memories that I’m gonna treasure for life. Judging from that, I’ve succeeded, right? My youth was well spent, right?

But I dont.. I feel like I haven’t done enough and I want to do more so I want time to stop. Gosh, birthday pls dont come. I’m panic everytime I think about my youth:(( Let’s wake up and do more..


Looking like: the 21 year old Kim, silver blonde hair, happy smile, travelling, wondering what’s next..

Reality: the 21 year old Kim, silver blonde hair, happy smile but was not feeling it totally inside, travelling with a group who are besties of each other ( of course, I am not one of them), feeling left out for that, feeling weird noticing the fact that my ex was also in the group and also his new girlfriend, wondering why I went and missing my boyfriend at that time (and also an ex now)... Oi memories..

Real reason for the photo: I have no interest in telling all the above things, I just posted as I looked damn good.


I dont think straight, always have 2 points of view debating in my mind.


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