words of the wind

The idea of taking you to the places i’d been to before meeting you fancinates me... but i guess if you listen closely to my heart, you might also hear the sounds of the wind from this very spot where i sat down and dreamed of having you.

Maybe that wind will tell you how happy i was..but you’ll know i wasnt as complete as now. Maybe it’ll show you how obsessed i was chasing after it because i was scared to change the weather. Maybe you’ll feel that i liked my views but i didn’t have a vision. And you’ll be proud of how i’ve become me and how you’ve become you just in time so we could meet and we could be “us” in this current place, where i can’t find that “wind” but i’m still happy, a new type of happy..from my old definition of it.

Anyway! This old spot was still a beautiful part and i’m still yearning to show you that world someday.. but if not, I’m having high hopes for the new lands and new sounds, new feelings that we’ll celebrate together. .. if not, we can just stay here and i’ll order enough GrabFood for us to survive hahaaaa alright time’s up, no more cheese today! #idkitjustflows #durdledoor


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