U That I Got

This baby just turned 1!! ❤️U That I Got ( Prettyxix featuring Kim Chi Sun and Chap) Lyrics Video: https://bit.ly/2DExhhr Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2zV1oNL Apple Music: https://apple.co/2zUiV8Q Soundcloud :https://bit.ly/2zCxu0m

Vibe with me this summer, eh? Set me free with a joint you made! Let’s get high on a sunny day I dont care what they say Cuz it’s you what i’ve got, bae!

This hook was inspired by a trip to Da Lat with my close friends back in May, 2018. We were all different people, with different paces.. but somehow, in that trip, we were all kinda lost, together, in a good way..

We were all wondering about new beginnings, wondering if we were capable of becoming who we wanted, wondering if that was a right time to put an end of things that were no longer working, if we could break through the comfort zones we had..

No fancy meals, no luxury places.. it was just us and the nature.. the sun...the wind.. and thoughts were just flowing in our heads, we didn’t even have to share with each other, the vibes were just.. vibed, you know? If that makes sense.. i just knew it, that we were all lost in someway, but we were motivated, that after that trip, everything will be so brand new..

After a year, i gotta admit my sense was right. We’re onto new challenges now.. meaning we have new struggles lol.. but we’ve changed and we’ve many new achievements - things that we were doubting, worried about even starting back then! And we keep moving for our new goals, for better versions of us!

John just quit his job that May, he finally opened the bar he kept mentioning back then, and he’s also working on another hospitality project, he’s actually paying so many staff under him now... who would have thought he just quit his 9-5 position more than a year ago? Once John told me: “I’ve got nothing to lose now, even my deepest fear, deepest secret was got off my chest”... i mean, i’m here admiring him for being a boss of his staff, but what made him feel like a winner was finding himself and showing his colours for his dearest people, how amazing? We all have different battles to fight!

Charles has improved so much on his producing skills.. and song writing!! I remember that May he was still so insecure about his music. He also mentioned back then that in 10 year time he saw himself as a producer for potential talents, after fulfilling his singing desire.. oh man he’s now working with well-known people in the industry, even coaching them on singing and vocal arrangements and stuff.. he’s maximizing all his potentials and leaving others’ opinion of “focus on one” aside. I’m so proud of him! And I'm inspired by this soul every day hahaa, he's too talented, also he's more grown up yet he’s so innocent too, i like that! Just be yourself and make it better each day! Doubts sometimes delay and limit your abilities so we should just stop doubting and do what makes us feel like “home”, like “us” more right?

Chị Dung quit her job half a year after that trip haha, i remember during the trip while we were talking about quitting jobs she went like: “yeah, got cha, but I’ll only quit after i feel like i’ve learned a lot and contribute a lot”.. i love that perspective of her! She spent more time after that to immerse herself in love and peace. They went to quiet places and escaped hectic Saigon. Eventually that relationship couldn’t last but i’m sure she only ended it as she has “learned a lot” ❤️ got me thinking i gave things up so easily when i was younger... but every ending is a situation waw created for us to upgrade to a better self!

Kevin was one of the reasons we went to Da Lat that May. He was planning to leave Viet Nam after that. Guess what, he’s still here!! That May Kevin was like : “I think it’s too much to ask for somebody to love me, to handle this complicated heart of me”.. he was always a single man during his time in Viet Nam, his root! Noww? He’s still single, I guess, bur after (finally) a relationship, where he was brave enough to start, to commit to take care of a girl, to give his heart to somebody and appreciate the moments they had. I don’t know why they ended it.. I didn’t ask Kevin about that, i remember he mentioning something about him thinking she’d be better with someone else, as he cried.. He told us he cried a lot..I mean, He was so sure that love wouldn’t happen in his life just last year.. haha! It’s good to know all his dating stories .. to know love does come! Good or bad, love does has its power in our lives.. that’s good!! I saw myself in his story.. i once thought i was born to be single and love myself too haha! Cuz i took so long on my self-loving journey innit..


Sure, just like my friends, i found my peace in that trip! I lost it again here and there on my journey afterwards, but at least i’ve known the taste of it now! And i’m focusing on myself and my people, no more wasting energy...I like how this is going. I have many things to say but as you can tell this caption was meant to focus on the song U That I Got and I haven’t even started hahaaaa so let’s talk about me later...


Anyway, that May.. in Da Lat, we were going round and around on a car that John hired.. the windows were broken on the way, my friend😂 so we were opening our “world” to the nature! Kevin made a few joints, we all took some, no matter if it was sunny or windy which is not that “chilling” you know? No special playlists needed, we jammed from the top hits to the old school songs, even some Vietnamese’s traditional tunes got our heart vibing during our rides haha! We didn’t care what “they” say as we had each other... you know them “they” - them “everyone” we thought in our heads right? Who are they anyway right? It was just us and our fears... oh dear, i’m getting to deep i gotta come back to reality and focus on the fact that i have bills to pay and taks to finish.. haha!

Oh btw! I didn’t even like smoking, but it was a perfect scene we had with them joints ❤️ Prettyxix rapped about parties, which made me think about my life years ago hahaa, them nights made me too!! Alright then, enough writing for today! Kim x

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