Sometimes i thank god that i’m still funny, or, still believe that i am...that would make a good post on this cute photo ( man i looked like i wear nothing hahah), but yeah i feel like making it a long post. You know what, I hate how much of a “fun” that i am too, if u can feel the high so clear, you also can be hit by the “low” so hard. The more energy and more hope i have w this life, the worse it feels on the days that i cant stop thinking that i’m too-something. Some days i feel like i’m too indecisive, some days i feel like i’m too broke, too old to do what i want, too shy to go bigger, too realistic to dream, too lazy to get the jobs done, too reckless to think further, too lost to make plans, too young to waste my days, too tired of hustling, too hopeless to finish stuff, too-this, too-that.. those “some days” happened again today, i guess without these “some days”, we won’t be able to talk with ourselves or to actually connect with our soul. I want today to be the day that i also share too much, and that’s ok, too.


i have good news too fammm, it's funny how people tend to write when their thoughts wander rather than sharing about a decent news =)

stay inspired peeps <3


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