To All The Boys That I've Loved Before

Omg watching To All The Boys That I’ve Loved Before makes me feel:

1. Like i’m 17! Haha, actually 19 is fine too, whatever that sounds young and innocent and a bit of wildness, recklessness..

2. Soooo related to this girl! How she loves reading and discussing, writing about love in such a deep level but when it comes to relationships and commitments, shes scared.. or how she secretly has dramatic thoughts in mind and some of them actually happen one day! Loool.. even how she has experienced both types of feelings: feelings of a “nobody”- an invisible girl in the crowd and also the feelings of a popular kid.. yes i can relate 😂 omg feeling lonely at lunch time is much worse than doing other stuff alone!

3. Like uploading a photo with my boyfriend! Right now! With the caption of “I like me better when i’m with you”.. ( omg u don’t know how well that Lauve song matches the scenes of this series until you watch it).


Anyway, i’m gonna stop here because i dont have a photo.. ( and i have to go back to watching it right now loool) but yeah! Defo! I like me better when i’m with you 🔥 that part stays! 🌞 —- Can i just say one more thing? I’m on Ep1 and it’s already a happy ending so i’m already lowkey hating this series as i know, Ep2, Ep3 are going to be dramatic, these 2 wont be together for long ughhhh screw you dramas! 😂 — OOPS, SOMEONE JUST TOLD ME IT WAS A MOVIE😂😂😂 So it was a happy ending thenn.. MAN I REALLY HAVE MY TRUST ISSUES 😂😂




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