The Electricity Pole No.67



,1:12AM and i'm still online. I have to show up at work at 9AM the latest tomorrow, which means I will have to start going at 8.30AM, start putting make-up at 8AM, showering at 7.30AM. The 2 lines above lead to the fact that I will have to wake up at around 7.15AM & open my eyes at 6.45AM ( I always managed to sleep extra 30 mins, I kinda hate it & I'm also proud of it at the same time haha, at least it's not 2 hours!!)..

OK, all the above was just written for some of you who are losing sleep, maybe by reading that, you're stepping in your dream of your sleep already...

For those who have managed to come this far in the note, welcome to my note today ( this is the real start boo ^^ ), and today I'm going to write about the electricity pole no.67 that I have “conquered” last week... ( back to the story of me going to trekking to .. “ get out of my comfort zone" haha)

Chua Chan mountain has 144 electricity poles to guide its ‘explorers'. Honestly before starting this trekking game, i thought it would simply be a long walking journey, I didn't expect the struggles, not as much you know?

We managed to make it to the 67th pole within 1 hour and stopped for a (10th) break. I decided to use this short rest to contemplate the whole journey. I remember being enthusiastic AF climbing through the first 20 poles, as the distance between them was quite close, so I thought we'd be hitting 144 in a blink.. That wasn't the story, unfortunately. I found myself desperately looking up hoping to see the 39th pole, just to see it when i already gave up counting... The whole situation wasn't anything predictable you know, just when you think you can do it with your pace, the reality will hit you hard with a new stage..

While on my break at Pole no. 67, I finished so many tasks I’d planned for myself:

  • looking up at the amazing view in the calmest way, actually enjoy it (before taking a photo of it for the gram).. you know it's not easy to actually have a moment like this in such a hectic city like HCM where I live in.

  • taking some photos of me posing like I know what I was doing, you know, it's such an one-off event for me =)) whoever that thinks i'm sporty, they don't know me well enough, LOL.

if this is not a travel blog material then what

After striking the ‘travel blogger' pose, I sat down and started doing the last ‘task' I planned which is: TO GO WITH THE FLOW. So the ‘flow’ in me told me to breath in & out & literally do nothing. Seeing my friends with the same action, I was motivated that I was doing it right. LOL. It wouldn't kill anyone for us to chill here a bit more innit..

Then a thought came across my mind, THAT:

OMG, This damn spot, this Pole no.67 is exactly where I'm at right now in life. (contemplating deeply)

.Like, I’m kinda lost because I'm tired of all this, so I'm taking a break, doing nothing. I know what exactly I gotta do, just gotta stand up & keep going up right? I know exactly the 144th Pole is my goal, my task is simple as it sounds: MOVE. It's challenging as f though, I'm scared of me quitting at a bigger number, what if i ran out of motivation at Pole 105 or something, isn't that worse than giving up now? But hold on, I'm at number 67, I still remember how crazy it was for me to see number 39 after 38, basically I've already put too much efforts in this journey to get to 67, I'm too far to thinking about ‘giving up' this path you know... things just made sense that “THIS IS EXACTLY ME IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW”. I might say I'm lost, but i know in my head, it's clearly confirmed what I wanted to have, but I still choose to chill at this stage, I'll call it the ‘number 67 stage'..

So deep i rolled deeper in it. It was 5.somethingPM, the sky started to change its color so quickly, giving me the feeling that I stayed at the same place for like 1 hour or something, I got bored of sitting down on that rock you know, so I just casually came back on the game, not forgetting to shout out loudly (again, like i know what i was doing):


You can imagine how ‘mindless' I sounded right? Like I was actually just resting and not having thousands of thoughts in my head. My friends laughed too, like ‘ Oh yeah, seriously, can someone remind me the whole process how we even said yes on this plan, UGH'.. LOL HÂHHA.. and all we got our head back on the game, walking up feeling hyped thinking about a better view at Pole number 144. Gotta be responsible to our choice to be here innit.

Nobody would know that I was actually drifting in an ocean of deep thoughts in that 5-min-break. I like that.

BTW the view at number 144 did get so much better, i love it. we were super happy with the decision to climb up there, i was full of pride & happiness & inspirations you know, we made it! we keep smiling until the reality that we need to go down in order to go back home the next morning hits us again...

whatever, imma go up.

Where are you right now on your journey? -

-Oh, Happy Women's Day babes! the note was from 23/01 tho.


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