It's been a week, maybe a month, even a year full of rejections.

I've been holding my tears for quite a while, I couldn't stand any longer, my face is like an ocean now hah.

I've been on the edge of giving up, for a while now, don't worry I am not giving up, not any soon, but I allowed myself to cry today, ‘allow' is such a nice way to say because actually i could not control anymore. I am emotional ok.

Another ‘no', another time doubting myself, losing my confidence, another smile to fake my feelings.

“You are too emotional, you are not tough enough”

What am I gonna do?

I dont know, but I am not giving up, I am not giving up.

I won't go for a safe option again just to find myself getting bored & so lost later.

I am just crying and tears don't mean losing right, no..

Life hits hard and it's gonna hit harder.

It's All Good.

It's All Good.


I want you guys to read inspiring stuff, motivational stuff, but i couldnt afford those today..


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