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Do you believe in Horoscopes? Tarot Reading? Fortune Tellers?

I am the sort of person who actually love letting life flow okay, like, just leave it, i wouldnt trust anyone who is not even in my life to tell me what to do.

But honey, trust me, it’s kinda scary, right, hahaha, it’s interesting really, like how the fuck it can be so accurate sometimes. Somehow, these things just get into me, for eg. wherever i hear a guy says “ I’m a Sagittarius” I’m like “ Oh well, he’s just here for fun then, he’ll neeed freedom again soon” or like, “He must be super flirty” hahahahah, judge me, call me crazy ok because I know I am hahaha. Dont worry I dated Sagittarius before, I don’t stay away from people just because of their signs ok, they’re cute, but it’s seriously weird haha, how could the Horoscopes be so true sometimes. Have you noticed almost all the Virgos are so perfectionist? They care so much about orders and tidiness haha. Or like how Aquarius ppl have weird “common” senses, they’re so weird ( I like weird people, dw) . Cancers, mann, they are so family-oriented, a Cancer guy’ll be the sweetest guy if you like a heart made of cheese, ugh sounds tempting hahaha. Oi oi, who am i to talk love like i do it a lot, my bad my bad:))

My sign is Pisces - emotional & extreme it says.Interesting, I’ll take it, the good and the bad. But then Horoscopes says I don’t talk much which is a bit untrue I’d say. I wish I could talk less too :)) But idk, I am also a shy baby at heart so maybe it’s right lol. Seeee, dont read horoscopes too much, why would we let someone else tell us who we are right hahaha. Confusing as fuck.

My friends read about Horoscope a lot, on how a person is shaped by different signs: Sun, Moon, Venus, etc. Long story short, it means you’re naturally a Sun sign, but then deep down your hidden thoughts are from your Moon Sign, and when you’re in love you’re like your venus sign. hahahah It’s been years since I’ve got that from my friends so whenever I’m curious about someone I’ll go like: When’s ur bday? Do you know what time you were born? hahahah omg girls, girls, girls.

I believe we shape our own lives with our thoughts and actions right, just sharing with you guys how horoscope found its space in my life hahah. I had a long afternoon with my girls yesterday just hearing tarot and stuff, which has got me thinking abt these randomly accurate ‘magic’ lol.

Share me ur horoscopes knowledge guys! I am against it but my heart is curious, still, haha.

ugh gonna believe the horoscopes if they tell me i’m into sexy music haha

seriously, how dope is that 📷<3 📷<3


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young & dump & broke innit.


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