so today i let my thoughts flow freely again, one of those days that i let my reckless soul strikes, and now i’m making promises to myself, promises that i’ve been thinking about for years but it’s hard to make.

i make good money, i just dont save it, i mean my goal is not to save money you know, but i do realise that i have been using my money on things i dont need, on values that i don’t have to add to my ‘personal branding’.

no pressure, it’s just i gotta write down here to remind myself to cut down things that sound like it’s easy to be got rid of but nahh, not really. imma stop clubbings, stop spending money on too many hanging out activities, stop buying unnecessary stuff ( of course, once in a while yeh), but strictly omg kim , spend money on things that matter to you, im going to spend money on music.

full stop eh.

it’s just one of those moments when you know what you love, you know, like when you decide to be committed to a relationship because you’re done with playing around and you totally understand that you dont need attention from a lot of guys or you dont need many guys to go on dates with you, you want this one guy.. well, just a metaphor to chill myself a bit.

i’m 100% ready for the challenge and lowkey ready to laugh in my face tooo, if i ever break this ‘simple’ promise.

have another day with another self-promise guys!


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