Pink + White

today i played this song " Pink + White" while being so emotional and i just went on canva, started a new design & moved boxes of the two colors Pink & White around, adding them on top of each other, layers & layers...

nobody will think this random 'design' (which was made in 3 mins) is as pretty as much as how I see it, because I made it myself, doing it with such a strong feeling running in my head and yes it was random but parts of my heart & my mind were truly there. I wish I could think of any other piece of media i want to do like how I think today.

Nothing matters you know? Only you & your thoughts of what you do matter, because they'll become the voice in your head telling you what to do each day, so you want to have a motivational, positive one.

Let's just do more, innocently... I only learn to analyse and learn the format of doing things... to apply some parts of it - sometimes, even none.. and do things in my own ways anyway:)))) There'll be people vibing with you, joining your journey..

There are already you know? but surely if you trust & act enough, the universe will bring you more, trust your vision...

Look at me doing all of this listening to that song though I haven't even checked the lyrics or felt connected with the story or whatever :))

Life has so many 'wtf' moments, I like it. Needing more moments like today's playing ‘Pink+White'..


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