online profiles = my obsession

My first insta name was sunsleepaholic, i wanna play around with words, and it just sounds so me! I love sleeping! I don't sleep enough though...

then i changed my insta name to kimkardoanchian maybe last year, i loved it! honestly what a name! it shows how funny i am ( the way i see it) ... sounds so ironic as it’s similar to kimkardarshian but then it has all my name in it.. Kim - Doan - Chi... etc... it just sounds so funny and also kinda lame and that feels so me! LOL.

Even this used to have the name ‘It's a Kimmy Thing’.. how cool is that, right?

Recently i wanted to change my name to kimchisun though.. Like, i wanna use one name for all platform you know, i'm getting older i think, i don't wanna have cool names anymore lol, i just wanna put my name there and just simplify everything. I mean we change everyday! now i don't care about what personality i'm trying to show people anymore.. I'm starting to realise that I’m just another girl who thinks she has too many versions in one self and that's different so she's making different names on different platforms.. I realised that having a i-dont-care-much kind of name (which is a name that sounds like i'm just playing around) has actually brought me an obsession you know? who was I trying to impress? Who cares about how different my names are? Who actually thinks it's cool? And what if they do? What do I get from it? Why do we try so much to be ... ‘cool’? Oh shit this is how i'm bashing my old self ( which literally means my two-month-ago self hahaaaa).. it's ok to criticise your old ways or behaviours when you improve but don't turn it to hatred ok guys, let's do it together, changing for better and liking ourselves more and more everyday..

Anyway, whatever i wrote up there is not the point today tho, LOL.. the real thing I thought I'd share today is actually something know how much I like to go with the flow and change the topic right, if that's not me then who?

So i wanted to change my name to kimchisun and then it's not even available anymore on instagram so I changed it to kimchisunofficial. I mean, that's the first thing that came up in my mind lol... After that I, by chance, heard people talking about the people around them (not me, ok, hahaa) that the ones with a small number of ‘followers' and a name with the word ‘official' in it are so....lame & questionable.. like: “Why would she/he has that official part in their names? like they're famous or something? who do they think they are?”

So i thought: “oh, that's interesting” i mean that thought is kinda true, but that's also exactly the reason why I'm gonna keep using that name kimchisunofficial, i like it even more after hearing that thought hahaaaaaa, maybe it sounds like i'm trying hard to be ‘cool’ again looool, but it's more like..wth, you can put anything you want on ur social names, babes..

“Okay this is the name i want for my account. What are you gonna do ‘bout it?..NOTHING!” LOL.

At the end of the day, we're just sooooo questionable and that's what keeps life interesting fammmm.

kkkkkkk heading to the kitchen now ( okay that’s another lame joke)

kkk byeeeee


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