not sober

They often say drunk words are sober thoughts,

or like ‘ let's get drunk so i can do what i want'

It's just a ‘norm', that alcohol is something that can control you, to do things you never mean to do, or it can be a good excuse, for doing things you’ve been thinking of.

So do the things you do while you're drunk are really the things you’ve always wanted to do? or just the ‘accidents' that happened very.. accidentally?

Well, it’s such a great topic where all the lines are blurred I think. Like all the explanations can be the possible explanations for these situations, and nothing really matters really, only you, know for your damn self, that what you really thought at that very ‘drunk’ moment. Only you know if you meant it or not, what you said or did.

What happened to those drunken vulnerable thoughts shared at the back of the car? What happened to the promises we seemed to mean so well?

‘Good’ thing is, we're all grown up, like sadly, we have learned to accept that it does happen that way. I dont get how that can be a standard really, but it is. We all accept that we don't need to explain shits anymore, as long as it's a drunken thing.

I've been there before, both sides of the stories.

I've felt bad, and I also wondered if others felt bad.

Somehow I hurted people, and I was hurt too, over things that at a second we all thought would turn to something magical & beautiful when we become sober afterwards.

As you get older, you'll understand that, what you want is to be surrounded by people you love, people you vibe to, talk about dreams & goals in life, alcohol can be there or not, it doesnt matter. Even tea, works. That's when you really have ‘fun'.

I remembered year 1 of college being excited waiting for a weekend party, it felt cool to party & get drunk for me. I don't judge my old self now, because once, that was what I wanted, so I'll never regret any thoughts.

It's just, now I think about it, I wonder why me, you , us, so many of us, drink?

Hey i havent quit parties & drinking yet ok,

Just raise some questions & thoughts for ya to get ‘drunk' in thoughts with me.

And a note doesnt need a conclusion.

Just some reminder ‘ We'll never be as young as we are, today, tonight ’

Maybe let's buy a notebook, name it Drunk thoughts and write there whenever we feel ‘drunk' ,physically & mentally.

Maybe in that way we'll get to understand ourselves more.


Anyway, sorry for messing your mind up..


©2019 by Kim Chi Sun & JMG Melancholy