new year

Im on the flight back to HCMC again and probably I’ve never been excited this way heading there before. Hanoi was dope. I spent almost all the days with my family this time, obviously i’m mad that i didnt get to hang out w all the friends i wanted to, didnt check cool places out, but yeah i loved this Tet!

My fam has been separated in different cities long enough for us to be able to finally make this work. Dad and Mom are happy for me and bro for our choices, even tho that means we wont be in the same city. We’ve made new plans to reunite and all. My nephew has been the main topic of every conversation so nobody has time for negative thoughts and he talks a bit more Vietnamese now, which is a surprise! Man i still remember how mad Dad was last year, when I came back to SG to live and try to find a ‘perfect’ job. Now that I think about it, i gotta say time and efforts are everything. We’ve all tried so hard to respect and understand each other’s points of views. Thanks 2017 :)

I also told mom things i had been hiding from her, how i had stayed unemployed and got frustrasted on my own, earned money and spent them all, I even had to borrow my friend’s money, all that stuff that happened when my mom thought I was working all day 9-5. LOL. I couldn’t tell her because I was scared she would had been worried about me, and maybe, even lost her faith in me. I went on telling her with the better part when i found balance and learned new things during that time and paid back my debts and all later.. She just laughed. Gosh i hate how chilling my mom is. She didnt even share any deep thoughts hahaha, ughh Mommm i just told you all the struggles that I have created ( and also kinda nailed it ) for myself and you only said “ so stupid, if i knew it i would drag ur stupid ass back home”.. Actually i gotta stop being demanding and thanks God that she didnt go crazy abt me lieing to her back then.

Oi my ugly stories was told easily, beautifully to my mom, like they’re them fairy tales we heard, with a happy ending, of course ( duh, im a good story teller yeah) .. I wish it felt like that to talk about those shits when they were happening. Mannnn, back then I was 100% stressed, plus another 100 magic percent of hopeful, inspiring self talks at nights, goshhh, right now at this minute, i’m chilling like my Mom haha.

Guys, let’s all appreciate how 2017 has been fucked up and then been amazingly fixed by us! Yas we have that power! We’re entering 2018 being proud abt ourselves and people around us, right? Gosh i dont even wanna start with that topic because it would take forever, sooo many friends have given me motivations to work on myself. Ok lets not start it, i cant list down all of the random inspirations from you all and ur works. I am a proud friend! Keep that going, girls and guys, u’re killing it.

Hello SG again, more special feelings this time <3

If u dont love where you’ve been, maybe u havent thought it through?? (maybe you love it you just don’t know)

I love my cities. ( today, when i cant find anything to hate, except for how this airplane hasnt landed yet..)

Somewhere between HN and SG, 22th Feb ‘18. - A happy girl, with her straight face, typing on the airplane.. -


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