mom knows best

So i don't wanna be cheesy everyday and keep sharing all my thoughts here all the time but honestly i gotta share this today: my mom is so cute!

So she texted me today saying this:

“Con gái ơi mẹ nhắc con nha, nếu người yêu muốn tặng hoa thì bảo mua 1 bông hồng..Muốn đưa đi ăn thì bảo đi mua rau, cỏ về nhà ăn.. Không cần cầu kỳ hàng quán nha con”

I don't even know how to translate it, it's just so cuteeeeeeeee... Basically she wants to remind me that I shouldn't make fancy stuff a proof of love, and that maybe I can take one rose instead of a bouquet of roses, maybe I can go to the supermarket w my boy and cook something together to celebrate stuff rather than just take his ‘fancy dinner' offers all the time. That's what i think too.. Fancy dinners and gifts are nice ( i mean i'd love to have some haha).. but it’s the feelings, the converstations, the memories and the efforts that matter right, mom knows best!

Do it old school ways right?

PS: But does that mean Mom won't give me more gifts as she gave me life? omg mom please LOL

and btw she told me to buy ‘cỏ', did she mean ‘weed' :)


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