love birds

I just saw my friend's reaction over a phone call and i think i havent seen such a beautiful thing in a very long time.

Before that phone call she had told me she was okay, but i knew that she wasnt. I wish i could help but i couldnt because the reason wasnt me or any of our friends, or anything but her important someone. She thought she already ruined what they had and that was it. It ended.

And then the phone rang, it was her current "obsession" .. mannnn, she looked so panic, with a hint of happiness haha. She held the phone w her shaky hands n raaaann out of the bar to answer it.

Damn it, these love birds are my favourite, i love that moment when u can tell that someone is in love, and the feelings are real, like you could see it from their eyes, their silly reactions, nonsense dramas/imaginations they make, over some little signs, which is naturally beautiful (well, at least for me) They’re not just other stories of some 'casual' attachments that i hear about everyday.

Love exists man, around us, in everywhere around us. You just have to look at it w your happy, and caring eyes.

Hehe stay happy my peeeps, stay loved!

If you think you dont have someone to love, love what you see then, and more importantly, how you see it!


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