Kris from business studies class

I smile a lot!

Talking about smile, let me bring myself back to a few years ago. My A level Business Studies teacher - Lorraine - once told us to look around the class and smile to each and other to prove her point of: “if you look straight at someone and smile, they’ll smile back.. like, anyone!!”.. it was ridiculous how it worked.

I chose this guy whom i never talked to properly to look at. erhmmm lets call him Kris cuz the name Kris wouldnt remind you of anyone ( or did it?).

Kris was the star of my class ( out of 20 of us ) because he was always making jokes that were relevant to both Business and life, which made it hard for me to understand. I mean, I didn’t choose to study Business, I picked it up as i wasn’t taught enough English or Science to do other subjects hahaha.. Back in that time the only business that could pop up in my mind would be something like.. Tesco, because clearly it was the biggest supermarket, it should represent a successful business model yeah..especially it was where I bought my Kit Kat everyday😂 Btw that explains a lot why i couldn’t relate to Kris’s jokes about the life of a British guy. He had a part time job as a waiter at a famous restaurant chain which gave him their insights to talk about, plus he knew all the logistic stories from their delivery service process, etc. Also, Kris talked a lot about partying and alcohol culture which - unfortunately - only happened to me when I watch Pussy Cat Dolls or Akon's Music Videos.

Let me explain. I just came to UK at that time. I was an innocent 17-year-old Asian girl who loved cute, bubbly stuff & romanticizing every little part of her life so she'd feel like the main role in a Korean movie ..When I mentioned Kit Kat above, I was just being honest, that's what I was obsessed about. I believed it made me come off as a trendy girl. Honestly, Kit Kat was such a big thing in Vietnam, only rich kids got it from their parents' overseas trips. Damn, this is getting so childish but it sets you to the right imagination of Kim Chi in Business class 😂 My interest was really different to the UK standards of a 17-year-old student. To get you a clearer vision of my 17-year-old version, before landing in UK finding out: “Oh, I'm actually not the life of the party, not here”, I thought I was born to be in the centre of the crowd & shine out. Since a very, very young age, I always had a vision of me giving a speech at some kind of awards, talking about how thankful I would be for everything & everyone that shaped me, blah blah blah. People in my secondary told me all the time about how popular I was at school, mostly because I hang out with a lot of ‘cool kids', owning an Ipod to take good selfies & owning a blog with connections to famous peeps at school, etc..Gotta mention I also was that annoying girl who sang in a lot of the events that the student union’s committee organised..til you remember her face. In short, I was full of confidence & hopes for the future haha, my only insecurity at that time was my acnes ( which is a topic that I'm afraid I gotta write a novel around it later).

Before heading back to the topic of Kris, which I know you all are craving for, I gotta complain one more thing about being 17 by continuing to describe my old self haha. My English was good. I sang a lot of English since I watched Disney Channel. I swear I copied Vanessa Hudgens so well. It was so unfair to me that none of my friends at that time could sing well and with a good English to be my Zac Efron ( i found my ‘Zac' now btw, sort of, check my most recent note haha). Talking about romance, in Grade 9, I totally nailed it when the Singaporean-guy-I-like-from-the-international-event asked for my MSN to chat with! (which leaded to me signing up for an MSN account after that to keep in touch with him, omg, Kim Kim hahaa). We communicated in English, he said he liked me through the net, LOOOL, which boosted my belief in my English even more! Unfortunately, When I entered high school, my English grade wasn't good. I did not understand any grammar stuff that other classmates were working well on. But as a ‘cool kid', I did not doubt myself, I believed that other friends only focus on complicated grammar when my speaking was significantly improved which should make me stand out. Probably a lot of English lovers went through the same stage with me haha. The love for English and how similar I sound when I copy MTV's singers have fooled me that I would absolutely be the same Kim when I got to UK. NOPE, expectation wasn't met! My English was at the kind of level that makes you think you’re quite something and then leaves you confused when your host family first open their door & try to make friends with you.

OMG I went too far... Lets go back to Kris.. So i never understood his jokes for the above reasons that I tried so hard to explain to you. Occasionally, I managed to hear all the words he said, I remember feeling excited waiting for the next line and being so turn-off right after that, I just couldn’t get Kris' sense of humors and apparently, most of students in this class don't share the same thought with me.

Don't worry for me guys, that confusing period just last for about 6 months (or 10, actually). I stayed in UK for 5 years in total & I've learned more about the language & their sense of things. Additionally, I also got some part time & freelance jobs, experienced the ‘ drinking culture' Kris was on & on about. Last but not least, I did see that vision again, that I'm the life of the party, hahaaa. ( Seriously, Thank God & even everyone in his fam lol)

Oh sorry Kris, I forgot about you again ugh.

Actually, let's go back to Lorraine ( my Business teacher) ..So in response to her exercise, I looked at Kris ( whom..i repeat.. I never talked to at that point) and I gave him a smile. This guy started it off right away with a smile to me, like he knew I was gonna look at him before I actually did. OMG, he smiled back at me! Then he looked confused while rolling his eyes around probably thinking I was smiling at Joe at the back; Or he actually looked confused because he realised that he did not intend to smile back at me, It was just an unconscious behaviour.

So my point is, i believe Lorraine guys, sorry for taking my time to finish it HAHA. You can try it one day, if you smile with someone, they'll smile back. I hope Lorraine lowkey wanted to send the message that if you do good, the good'll come back to you, otherwise this whole smiling thing is so silly. Actually, she might have linked this exercise to some business theories that she wanted to teach us afterwards but I guess didn't stay well focused enough to remember.

I think this note is sooooo irrelevant from its name. I just wanted to write about smiling as I was posting this smiley photo of me on Instagram and I couldn't stop omgggg looooool. My friend Kevin took this, gotta write about him soon, too!

If you’re still wondering, Kris's best friend might have later on became my best friend's boy friend or something like that, sounds dramatic right, lol. However, on my part, that's it, lol, I didn't see him on the second year of Business Studies, maybe he got hired into somewhere nice & quit A Level while I was trying to keep up with his English & his stories haha. I hope you're doing well now, smiling a lot & still making jokes, Kris!


if you're still reading, just forget Kris & wait for another note of me talking about some real, real, real feelings for some other guys. or just forget everything & sleeep haha.


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