Kim the cry baby

I cried again last night, duh, of course. My eyes are swollen all the time. I used to get mad at people when they complained about these swollen eyes whenever they met me lol..honestly i am mad at so many other things too, i’m so happy yet so hard to please. I just cried last night as i screamed out loud everything i hated about me. And somehow friends still message me everyday saying i’m the happy inspiration for them to live spontaneously and happily. Very ironic but that’s life i guess. Ups and downs. Black and white. There are two sides to everything, even a person. And pictures wont show swollen eyes. No tears, too, of course. Trust your sense and vision boos. This caption wont lead nowhere and i’m not crying today, not yet, no worries.

Btw, to the ones who listen to my cryings, thank you.


this is a caption i posted on instagram the other day, i gotta save that feeling heheeeee..

i can also share some comments because why not?


friend 1: sending hug

friend 2: ôm (meaning hug in vietnamese)

friend 3: Yeahhh these mid20 crisis but thats all fineeee, go with the flow like we always do yeee

friend 4: same here

friend 5: Nothing bad about crying em, sending good vibes to you ❤️

friend 6: *i understand your feelings. i’m like that sometimes. I hope you're surrounded by people who love you so that you can eventually heal and love yourself more. Loving yourself is tough but you'll get there, don't worry.


now i havent replied anyone, but i’m sure that’s fine. writing helps a lot.


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