Hi guys,

It's been all about staying home & praying for our world & everyone around us these days. I remember I wanted to give away my 'M Good postcards but never did, so I figured that I should do it right now!

The postcard is connected with HUSTLE app so you can experience it on VR like this:

I also have some 'M Good notes that I want to give you all so you guys can embrace your feelings & write more & more each day.

Most importantly, I want to write something to all of you tooooo <3 If you're reading this, you're definitely those special ones who care about me & my singing journey enough to find out this piece of note hehee..

So fill this form, write me something in it. I'll read & send something back to your door! (with the postcards & the notes of course!!)

Can't wait to be reading your words too & take care babes!


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