these days i've been saying no to everything just to stay at home..

i feel like even if i say yes, i'm gonna change my mind last minute anyway, i just wanna be in my zone. .

i think about so many different things, mostly trying to spend more time for myself & music..

It hasn't gone anywhere..i havent written any originals in years, i mean, writing is not for everyone right, i got to the point that i accepted that fact, i told myself to focus on my other strengths instead of trying & failing for this one, but omg i keep coming back to try further, its weird right, its even hard for me to write these things down for myself to read you know, nobody wants to feel insecure..

anyway today i'm playing all my covers again to think of what has happened, to inspire my own self...

i'm so thankful you guys made me sing, especially Johnnie Nguyen & Huỳnh Phương Duy.

Cheers guys.

And dont worry, I'm still trying..

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