i might, i might

Do you slide on all your nights like this? Do you try on all your nights like this? (I might) Put some spotlight on the slide Whatever comes, comes through clear

This morning i played ‘Slide' and I started to think about my ‘nights'..I know Frank Ocean was asking another person in that hook but for me i feel like asking my old self..

Did I slide on all my nights like that?

Lol, not that i had many ‘nights' like ‘that'.. But i did have a few meaningless ‘acts' without any deep thoughts, no commitments, I felt like I could do it, I felt like things wouldn't be affected.. not too considerably..I felt like everything was fine, was okay, I was fine, I was okay.. hmmmmm

It's funny right, how you’re against something and then someday you see yourself doing exactly that stuff you hated.

I live in the moment. I'm the sort of girls who would know that I'm doing wrong but I'd do it anyway if that's the decision I'm hearing from the inside. Spending too much money, meeting too many people, sharing too much, trying too much, giving fault hopes.. etc...

I'm now a bit more mature, well, of course! But yeah, I wonder what the hell I was going through, what kind of points I made with myself? why would have I done so many things to hurt myself & others.. Interesting innit.. You're just too nice until one day you’re bored and you spend time to think & then realise actually you've been kinda too bad too, in many ways..

It's ok guys, that's good right, how we want to live with more meanings. Nights are for the meanings. They are.


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