counting stars

Lately I been, I been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby I been, I been prayin' hard Said no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Yeah, we'll be counting stars


Today I woke up hearing my friend singing those lines and for the first time it hit me that hard. OK, Counting Stars, we all know that song, it's catchy, yes! One Republic is dope, yes, i've got it. But yeah, this morning, it just officially became my song ( tho, it's 2018 now, imma click next if it's on actually) .. You get me tho right? This morning I just felt it so much, just by reminiscing the lyrics in my head..I wonder if the composer was going through the same thing as me? Or maybe, every battle has a same core, it's when you stay in a zone called ‘ the between ‘ ,trying to get your directions right, when you have too many options in mind, dont know which lead to follow..

These days I've been thinking about all the possibilities, all the chances that we would have, could have, might have been, or will be, would be, etc...I've been planning things out all in my head, like what if I decide to take a risk and focus on what waters my soul? Will I be happier? Or will I be too lost that I wont be able to even do anything? I'm trying to plan things out.. but it's hard. 24 hours a day is not too short, i mean we still have time to hang out & talk about the showbiz people, still have time to eat & discuss the news, but yeah why does it feel so little when it comes to goals & dreams? It's crazy how time flies.

I'm sick of the talks, or the thoughts, really. I want to make actions, and I know I've made a lot of actions already, I've been here many times.. But yeah, those actions are definitely not enough, I want to be more risky & more tough with whatever I want. Sometimes I hate how I'm growing up, I hate how I'm losing my enthusiasm in many things, I have more doubts, I'm not that innocent anymore, some might say it's a good thing, but I hate it, I want to be reckless again.

Thanks God tho, I'm seeing my people inspiring me everyday, some are close, like, seriously, thanks God..some are just those who I click with, the people you wouldn't meet often, but you feel like you know them, you could vibe with their stories, you support them & keep them in your list for your random inspirations everyday. Sometimes I wonder what battles they e having? It must be tough to be positive and spead good vibes all the time, but yeah, i like that, please stay that way, sorrows, doubts and fears are too beautiful to be shared in a superficial way. I'd rather be real about my problems, share with people my fears in a deep way, or just keep it with me and spread happiness.

I'm listening to James Bay now, got my head spinning with loads of thoughts, man, I thank life for music, I thank music for colouring my life..

Another note with no main points, sometimes you just gotta play a playlist and let your hands type down what your head cannot put into orders you know?


Sai Gon hom nay nhieu mood khac nhau ghe ^^ Do you wanna talk? Do you wanna talk it through? ám ảnh quá James ơi :(


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