[Nov 1st]

Human tho, we r funny you know. We usually talk about how much we want to get out of a situation, how much we hate it, but then when the ending comes, we start to realise our connection with it, we miss it, we wish it had lasted longer..But then i dont think you can describe that feeling with the word "regret". Why? Because if we could do it again, i swear we would still make the same decision. Basically, the most annoying stuff are actually the stuff we'll remember the most. And of course, only because they are gone. Weird.

I'm writing about this random topic as I am moving forward, I'm starting a new routine, which is supposed to be a good thing, but then i am only half excited lol, i realise that i'll actually miss these 2 months doing nothing but spending more time with myself, for myself; using the rest of the time for people, mostly listening to their hopes n dreams, and sometimes, fears; finding a way to balance literally everything; without making it a crisis, tho to some extent it did feel like a crisis, at some point lol.

Thanks everyone who have walked these days w me, there were days i burst into tears because i thought i was a loser and i forgot to trust myself but then most of the other days i was happy because i had everything i could have asked for. I had that " i believe in you ", I had that "you can do it", " you deserve something awesome ", i had that " never give up girl ive learned so much from you". Yes, we are going to have the same loop again and again: not liking something about our life, trying to get rid of it, missing it when its gone, getting scared and thinking that we might not find a replacement. I think the key is to believe that good things are always coming. Changes are always good. And the best thing is that you will always have your true people, and your true self. We have too much to ask for more.

We also have the power to write a damn long caption just to confuse people and ourselves and they are still going to click like it. We are the bombs yo. Man please teach me how to be serious📷💆🏻 jk, i am serious,


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