Eating breakfast and drinking something are toooo underrated.

i remember doing so probably 2 years ago, during my Easter holiday when i was studying in the UK. I had the so called “time”.. now that i’m working, everyday day starts with waking up, getting ready and rushing to my workplace. I’d usually buy something quickly and eat while working. Life just passes by like that, it felt like it was the most suitable routine.

But days like this, when i find myself being 1 hour early, are just precious. It sounds like an exaggeration but seriously, its such a dope feeling i’m having. I stopped at the coffee shop on the Ground floor of my work building, had a milky coffee, eating my breakfast, contemplating things that have been happening all these months while writing this. It’s 7:56 now, i have literally 34 mins left just to enjoy whatever it is, just by myself, without feeling lonely.

Probably tomorrow i’ll be lazy and choose to sleep again hahaha, but u know, its always good to appreciate the time and the feelings we’re having,.. every once in a while!!

Have a very, very special day today guys!

= love =

PS: I might sound deep here but outside i’m telling everyone in the office: “OMG I AM EARLY TODAY, IT’S GOING TO BE STORMY FOR SURE, BRING YOUR UMBRELLAS”


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